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April 03, 2015

Hardex Brakes Canada Introduces The Innovative Hardex Energy® Professional Brake Pads, A Revolutionary Product That Offers The Best Braking Experience To Car Enthusiasts!



April 2, 2015 – Vancouver, Canada


Hardex Brakes Corp., the global leader in aftermarket brake parts announced the debut of their latest product, the Hardex Energy® Professional Brake Pads ( These new brake pads are the product of the latest technology and innovation in the automotive industry. The Hardex Energy® pads offer the absolute best in noise reduction, stopping power and service life combined in one revolutionary product. Offered in two categories, Gold and Platinum, Hardex Energy® pads bring car enthusiasts to the next level in braking.


“No car owner likes having to change their brake pads every six months or so. With that in mind, we responded to what the market needed: a product that delivers unequivocally superior stopping power and lasts considerably longer – up to 80,000 kms – than its competitors. We here believe that Hardex Energy® pads will not only give the end-users the best possible experience, but will also redefine the market.” said Babak Ras, General Manager of the Hardex Export Office. “And Hardex will be leading that change, through innovation and customer satisfaction”. The Hardex Energy® pads will come in two categories; Gold and Platinum. These two products introduce an array of latest technologies, including the HCT Technology. For more information, visit the Hardex website:


Hardex Energy® samples are currently being shipped out through Hardex®’ impressive distribution network covering over 50 countries worldwide. Shortly thereafter, the products will be available in the market through numerous distributors worldwide. Clients and end-users will have the opportunity to see these cutting-edge products in person during the 2015 trade shows that will take place on the dates and in the locations listed below. Hardex staff will be present at the booths to answer any questions about this revolutionary product.


Automechanika Istanbul – Turkey, APRIL 9 – 12 2105, Hall# 7 Booth# A160
Automechanika Chicago – USA, APRIL 24 – 26 2105, Booth# 2718
Automechanika Dubai – UAE, JUNE 2 – 4 2105, Hall# 8 (Complete Block)
Latin Auto Parts Expo – Panama city, Panama, JUNE 18 – 20 2105, Booth# C365


Hardex Group had announced a new warehouse facility in Dubai, UAE in February that will serve as a hub for its operations in the Middle-East, including those of its affiliates; Ecobrex Parts Canada and Fildex Filters Corp. Through the flexibility and time-to-value this facility offers, Hardex is planning to dominate the MENA market with Hardex Energy® Professional Brake Pads. The announcement regarding the new Dubai Facility is available on the Hardex website: (


Hardex Brakes Canada is a Vancouver-based manufacturer and supplier of premium aftermarket brake parts. Hardex® has its products manufactured in various production facilities across North America & Asia. With over 50 authorized dealers worldwide, Hardex® is a global leader in braking technology and manufacturing. More information can be found on and

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